Satellite Governments

By | July 25, 2018

The Satellite Government Database is a comprehensive website that helps users navigate the complex network of New Orleans’ 150-plus boards, commissions and public entities.

Satellite governments are by definition a diverse array of boards, commissions, public trusts, public benefit corporations, security and development districts, and other entities. We distinguish between satellite entities and core City agencies and departments which are not included in this database. We have also not included entities that are essentially subcontractors for the City.

For an entity to be considered a satellite, it must satisfy one or more of the following characteristics:

(1) They were created by local or state law.

(2) They expend significant public funds, acquired either through revenue-raising powers of their own or via appropriations or grants received from or on behalf of city government.

(3) They depend on government agents or appointees for some members of their boards or administrations.

(4) They are regulated by public rules for their operations, staffing, budgeting, or oversight.

The Satellite Government Database is another NOCOG-sponsored project designed to bring sunshine, transparency and accountability to local governance.